We are a Christ-centered, Biblically-based community serving, engaging, and leading all to become deeper disciples of Jesus


In everything we do we seek to glorify our loving God who seeks out a personal relationship with each one of us.  The call on our lives is to let the Lord into every part of our lives, love God with everything that we are and with everything that we have, and to love those around us with a radical love that transforms relationships!  We do this in many ways.  We are:




We strive to have our whole lives centered on God’s one and only Son Jesus Christ.  We seek for nothing apart from Christ but do our best to praise him and seek him alone.  Our worship and praise is centered on Christ.  Our preaching, teaching, and message to the world is centered on Christ and the new life of grace we have in him.




We believe that the only true and reliable source for information on the salvation we have in Christ and God’s plan for our lives and the world is contained in God’s Word written for us: the Bible.  The Bible is our source for what we believe, our preaching, teaching, how we organize ourselves, and our lives.




We are a community of seekers, disciples, and apostles of Jesus Christ who come together as God’s Church to worship, learn, serve, and do life together.  Jesus Christ calls us to do these things together and so we form a community to do these things in relationship with each other.




We are a community called to serve one another and to serve the world with Christ’s love, grace, and mercy.  We strive to serve people with Christ’s heart and passion whether it is a church mission activity, at our places of work, in our homes, and everywhere in between.




We engage people with the message of forgiveness and transformation in Jesus Christ.  This is the best news that the world has ever and will ever receive!  We look to communicate this news through ministries that engage each other and the world.




We look to lead ourselves and our brothers and sisters into the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We seek to be faithful in the leadership of our lives, our families, our vocations, our community, and our world.




The Good News of Jesus Christ is for everyone and we continue to break new ground in making LPC a place for everybody.  Jesus died so that your past would die with it.  There are no entrance requirements to come experience the forgiveness of Christ!  We welcome you as you are and seek to be a community of transformation.


Become deeper disciples of Jesus


We deeply desire that everything that we do, say, minister, and live is to make ourselves and those around us have a deeper joy and love of Jesus Christ permeate throughout our lives.  We desperately attempt to be a community that makes and grows disciples - people who give their lives over to Jesus Christ and become lifelong followers being continually transformed in Christ.